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The Patriotic Times is an American publication created for patriots, by patriots. We’re proud to defend our collective Constitutional rights to free speech and a free press, and we pledge to always deliver fact-based news. We’re not a publication that tells its readers what they should think. Instead, we deliver the facts to you so you can decide where you stand on the week’s most impactful issues.

Our team of patriotic reporters and editors is dedicated to fairly reporting the news, whether or not it fits the mainstream narrative. In fact, we’re committed to operating outside the accepted narrative, choosing instead to publish the truth as we uncover important facts you need to know. The First Amendment is important to us, and we believe it’s our duty to defend it through freedom of expression on a daily basis.

It seems to be increasingly difficult to find news publications that truly love America, but that’s who we are. We are proud of our Constitution and the freedom we have to bring you the news on a regular basis. Our promise to you: to respectfully and fairly cover impactful news stories, both across the country and around the world.

Whether you’re starting your day over coffee, on the train to work, or out and about, our news is here for you. Each easy-to-read story brings the facts to you rapidly, so you can stay in the know and go about your day. We know how busy your daily life is, and our goal is to deliver news that makes it easy to keep up with issues that are important to patriots.

Our modern age is rampant with censorship and suppression by big tech, big media, and powerful political interests. It’s our duty to lift patriot voices as often as possible, giving an outlet to individuals who exist outside the liberal mainstream and keeping everyday Americans up to date on truths that are often hidden from the masses.

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